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Project Profile: NH DOT: Interstate 93, Exit 1 Salem

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. This highly scrutinized project required intense review by the NH Department of Environmental Services (DES) and close monitoring to maintain water quality standards compliance. This project also required a flocculant treatment system and was the first to go through the formal flocculant system plan revew at DES.
Project Profile: Stream Restoration, Wolfeboro NH

This stream that passes through several residential properties had sufferd severe degradation over several years due to a change in the drainage further up the watershed. By working with the stream rather than fighting it, we determined a configuration that emulated what the heavy bank undercutting was trying to achieve, a wider meander with slower velocities. The final configuration also allows sediment to build up and recede to stabilize the sediment bed load. This serves to reduce the overall maintenance requirements of the stream system.
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Shoreline Bio-Stabilization:
We specialize in state of the art bio engineered designs to provide maximum stability with techniques that make for faster permitting and less uncertainty within the approval process.

Shoreland Permits and Shoreline Structures Design:

Whether it's a new dock or a new home. NH Springs has the experience and exepertise to make the permit process as smooth as possible.
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