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Stream / Bank Restoration and Bioengineering

Restoring the integrity of a stream or the bank of a lake, requires an understanding of the dynamics and action of water within the system. Bioengineering has become very popular and much easier to permit then traditional hard armored stabilization techniques. Designed or installed incorrectly, however, bioengineering techniques can be prone to failure as they require a knowledge of vegetation, water, and biology not present in traditional armored design techniques. We have years of experience tailoring specific bioengineered and hybrid technologies to the water body to provide the minimum impact with the maximum durability over time.
Last Update: February 2014

Shoreline Bio-Stabilization:
We specialize in state of the art bio engineered designs to provide maximum stability with techniques that make for faster permitting and less uncertainty within the approval process.

Shoreland Permits and Shoreline Structures Design:

Whether it's a new dock or a new home. NH Springs has the experience and exepertise to make the permit process as smooth as possible.
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