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Shoreland Protection Permitting and Waterfront Development

Whether you're planning to add a deck or subdivision knowing how to navigate the multiple sets of regulations and statutes associated with waterfront is key to being able to acquire permits efficiently and on time. Our knowledge comes both from years of design experience in shoreland areas and over a decade of experience in the regulatory field. Understanding how wetland, shoreland, water quality, and water resource statutes interact with each other is essential to understanding how to proceed with the project in the most efficient way possible.
Last Update: February 2014

Shoreline Bio-Stabilization:
We specialize in state of the art bio engineered designs to provide maximum stability with techniques that make for faster permitting and less uncertainty within the approval process.

Shoreland Permits and Shoreline Structures Design:

Whether it's a new dock or a new home. NH Springs has the experience and exepertise to make the permit process as smooth as possible.
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